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Type: Online Journal
CMS: MediaWiki 1.40.2
Launch date: 12.12.2012
Status: Active
Language: multilingual
Users: 45

WikiJournal is a free, independent, international, multi-thematic, and multi-lingual open access online journal, where anyone can be an author. The main purpose of the journal is to publish relevant and interesting articles and research works on a variety of topics.

WikiJournal focuses on content quality, its usefulness, and authenticity. Registered users are welcome to submit information, personal research, articles, or experiences on a free or paid basis. Feel free to join our project, share ideas, and post messages on the discussion page.


The history of WikiJournal started when the Russian version was launched at in 2012. This domain name was purchased on December 12, 2012 and afterwards the MediaWiki application was installed, which is why WikiJournal runs on wiki technology, just like the famous encyclopedia Wikipedia. The main page and general categories of the website were made in January 2013 and the administration of the journal started publishing some articles, but only in Russian due to the website address belonging to the Russian domain zone .ru.

In September 2016, the administration started negotiations to purchase the international domain name to make WikiJournal an international platform for the publication of articles in other languages or their translation. After discussing the price for the domain name on October 17, 2016, it was finally bought and transferred with all rights for usage to the WikiJournal administration. On November 16, 2016, the WikiJournal team started preparation to launch three localizations (English, German and French) and these were made on sub-domains. The Italian, Spanish and French branches of the website were launched on March 1, 2017.

Wikijournal main categories

WikiJournal is a multi-thematic website where articles are published or translated into multiple languages (currently English, Russian, and German). All articles have their own category or subcategory for improved navigation among related topics. The main categories of the website include: Politics, Society, Culture, Science, Sport, Places, Health, Technologies, Economics, Ecology and Biographies.

Project mission

The main mission of WikiJournal is:

  • Development of free and independent journalism all over the world; Support of scientists and allowing free scientific publications on our platform;
  • Creation and publication of useful, interesting content on various topics by WikiJournal authors;
  • Support of young journalists and students studying at the Faculty of Journalism;

Everyone is free to register and publish their own personal articles on a free basis. WikiJournal pays attention to the content and its usefulness. We publish such information so that each article is informative, interesting, and provides answers on related topics. Moreover, we are glad to have an innovative approach as well as expressions of personal experience and points of view on a particular issue.

Special note

Feel free to post your messages with ideas and opinions about our online journal as well as your proposals on possible partnerships at our forum. We would be glad if you shared our articles with your friends on social networks.