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Philip Krasilnikov
Birth date: 1984
Country: Russia
Phone number:

I welcome everyone at my personal page and I would like to write a little about myself.

About me

My name is Philip and I am the founder and concurrently the administrative manager of WikiJournal, as well as the author of numerous published articles at our website.

My administrative duties include:

  • Providing technical support;
  • Developing websites;
  • Moderating published content;
  • Creating new categories and specialized pages of WikiJournal portals;
  • Implementing new ideas to the project;
  • Developing templates for their use in articles;
  • Developing website structures;
  • Organizing design and layout of pages;
  • Publishing new articles.

If you have questions about participation in the project, publication of articles and their design, then you can ask them on the discussion page.

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