New art styles

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With the development of generative neural networks, unique opportunities are emerging in the field of artistic creation. These innovative technologies enable the creation of diverse artistic styles, mimicking the mastery of renowned artists or embodying original ideas. Generative neural networks can analyze and capture the key features of different styles, transforming them into unique images. This opens up possibilities for artists and designers to experiment with form, color, and composition, as well as integrate elements into their works that may have seemed unattainable before. Generative neural networks become a powerful tool in the hands of creative individuals, expanding the boundaries of artistic expression and inspiring new, unique images.

Electrofractal Style

The Electrofractal Style is an artistic style based on fractal geometry and electronic impulses. In the images, a technique is employed to mimic the visual effects of electrical discharges. The combination of geometric precision and dynamic energy creates unique visual effects, where each detail embodies the power and beauty of forms.

Textured Style

The textured artistic style is a method based on the use of various texture elements found in living or non-living nature. One or multiple types of textures can be applied. This approach highlights the unique characteristics of materials, biological, and natural processes, drawing attention to surface details and the texture of the image.

Pointillism Style

The Pointillism Style is an artistic style characterized by the use of dots or circles of different sizes and colors that form distinctive patterns in the image. This style of creating images through dots imparts a specific, unique texture to the artwork.

Origami Style

The artistic origami style is based on the traditional Japanese art of paper folding, without the use of glue or scissors. This style creates graceful and astonishing representations of animals, objects, and plants, combining realism with elegance. Often employed as a decorative medium, it also symbolizes essential aspects of Japanese culture, such as simplicity, symmetry, and attention to details.

Textile Style

The Textile Style is an artistic approach in which images and objects are created as if they were embroidered with threads. This style is characterized by the use of decorative stitches, fine lines, and patterns in the artwork, giving the images a craft-like appearance. It may involve various embroidery techniques such as cross-stitch, satin stitch, and others to impart a corresponding texture to the images.

Wire Art Style

The wire art style is an artistic approach in which objects and images are presented in the form of a wire mesh. This style involves the use of thin lines that simulate wire or metallic structures to create contours and shapes of objects. It imparts a three-dimensional and abstract appearance to the images.