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Alex (Alexandra) Fox – also known as alexfoxsax, prev. runofoxel, is a bari and alto sax player based in Moscow. She is a member and leader of FOXBAND. She was born March 23, 1996, in the city of Syktyvkar.


Fox graduated from College of Arts of the Komi Republic at the department of orchestral wind and percussion instruments, saxophone class. She got her degree as an orchestra artist and teacher in 2018.

While studying at college, she played brass and pop orchestras on alto saxophone, combining with playing in pop ensemble "TONIC" (from 2014-2017), where she underwent additional training and has a certificate of graduation from the guitar class and pop ensemble.

The first steps of improvising began in a Jam session with Norwegian saxophonist Håkon W. Skog Erlandsen at the Urban Jazz Camp in September 2017.

In January 2019, she moved to Moscow. In April, She met guys from the Port-R Band when they played on "Nikolskaya Street".

In May, guys were noticed by the organizers of the "Qingdao Beer Festival" (China) and invited to Chinese Tour 2019.

They Performed at the opening of the 29th "Qingdao Beer Festival" in front of a million audience. There were lots of disagreements between the members of the group, and after come back to Russia, Fox played the last concerts and decided to leave the Band.

Since January 2019, there have been many attempts to assemble her own brass band, she changed more than 50 musicians, and in July 2022 FOXBAND started to play on the Moscow Streets.


She bought her first baritone saxophone in May 2019. She plays the Dukoff D7 mouthpiece for baritone saxophone and Vandoren JUMBO JAVA A55 for alto saxophone.

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