Shamsi gorge

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Shamsi gorge
Shamsi 1.JPG
Shamsi gorge
Country: Flag of Kyrgyzstan.png Kyrgyzstan
Region: Chui region
Mountain range: Kyrgyz range
Coordinates: Latitude: 42°39'17"
Longitude: 75°23'20"
Length: ≈ 30 km.
Waterfall: Shamsi waterfall
Rating: 5 star rating.png
Shamsi gorge on Kyrgyzstan map
Map of Kygzyzstan
Map of Kygzyzstan
Shamsi on the map

Shamsi is a picturesque, popular gorge to visit that located in Kyrgyzstan, 80 km. to the east from the capital of the country Bishkek city. The gorge is part of the Kyrgyz range. Along the gorge flows the river and waterfall with same name.

Gorge Geography

The Shamsi Gorge is part of the Kyrgyz Range, located about 80 km to the East from Bishkek city. The height of the gorge at the entrance is about 1300 meters and the highest point along the mouth of the river of the same name is about 3200 meters, thus the total drop of the gorge is 1900 meters. In the depths of the valley is divided into three separate gorges through which you can drive along a dirt road far enough.

Shamsi is famous for its forests: powerful firs and tall pines, mushrooms, various berries, such as strawberries. Forbs attracts beekeepers to this ravine, in the season you can buy honey directly from the apiary. All sorts of herbs: oregano, thyme, sage, Ivan tea, yarrow and many others make honey unique in composition.

Wild animals such as marten, Turkestan lynx, hares, stoats, etc. also live in Shamsy. In the upper part of the gorge, at an altitude of more than 3,500 m, lies the Shamsinsky Pass, which connects the Chui and Kochkor valleys. The gorge also keeps the secrets of past epochs: once there was found a mask of pure gold, which, according to local elders, belonged to an ancient queen named Shamsi, after whom this place got its name.

How to get to the gorge

You can go to the gorge from Bishkek along A365 highway in the direction Bishkek - Tokmak - Kalinovka village. The way may take about 1.5-2 hours. In Tokmak you should go to Ibraimova street and turn towards the mountains, right along the route there will be a gorge. The tour to the gorge located near another sightseeing - the Burana Tower.

Gorge tours

The tours in the gorge are very diverse, because there are several ways from the main gorge to the valley. One of the most interesting routes is the direction towards the waterfalls, which are located in the depths of the gorge on the Chon-Keltor River, which is the right tributary of the Shamsi River. You can get to these waterfalls in 2-3 hours by walk, but it requires your good physical condition.

Numerous travel agencies carry out a tour in the Shamsi gorge, which includes transportation, meals (lunch in a yurt), a guide, for those who wish it is possible to rent horses and tour them along the entire gorge.

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