Kegety gorge

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Kegety gorge
Kegety gorge
Country: Kyrgyzstan
Region: Chui region
Mountain range: Kyrgyz range
Coordinates: Latitude: 42°35′59″
Longitude: 75°8′14″
Length: ≈ 27 km.
Waterfall: Kegety waterfall
Map of Kygzyzstan
Map of Kygzyzstan
Kegety gorge on Kyrgyzstan map
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Kegety Gorge is located in Kyrgyzstan, 18 km south of Tokmok city and 50 km east of the capital of the republic, Bishkek. It is part of the mountain system of the Kyrgyz Range and is named after the river that flows through its valley. There are two waterfalls in the gorge - one at the beginning of the valley and the other deeper in the gorge.

Gorge geography

The gorge is located in Kyrgyzstan, in the Chuy Region, 18 km south of Tokmok and 50 km east of the capital city, Bishkek. It is part of the Kyrgyz Range on its northern side of the mountain system. The maximum height of the gorge at the source of the Kegety River is 3150 meters above sea level, and at the entrance 1250 meters, making the total height difference approximately 900 meters. The length of the Kegety Gorge is approximately 27 km.

Kegety valley consists of the three gorges:

  • Main Kegety gorge
  • At-Jailoo
  • Kyol-Tor

Along the main Kegety Gorge flows the Kegety River. You should be aware that there is a small high-mountain lake - Kel-Tor - located on the eastern slopes of the gorge at an altitude of 2721 meters above sea level. You can reach it on foot in one day. Keep in mind that there are two magnificent waterfalls along the way to the gorge - one located at the beginning of the gorge and the second one in the depths of the valley.

Gorge tours

A tour along the gorge is very diverse - there are many different, colorful places that you can visit. It will take about two to three days to visit all the most interesting places in the valley.

Along the main path, there are two Kegety waterfalls. The first one is located at the beginning of the valley and the second one is located deep in the gorge, so you need more time (about two hours of walking) to get there.

You can also choose additional paths: towards the At-Jailoo gorge or towards the area called Kel-Tor. There is a colorful, mountain lake there.

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