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Admin (talkcontribs)

Hello every one! I did not have time and opportunities to develop ENglish part of WikiJournal. That was really difficult times, but now I try to spend more time for writing new articles and make some translations. Anyway I welcome everyone here and will be glad if you join the project. Have a good time!

Philip (talkcontribs)

After updating of Mediawiki there were detected some technical problems:

  • Creating an account in one localisation of WikiJournal did not automatically create an account in other sections.
  • Language selector extension was turned off due to the fact that the Russian language was displayed at all localisations for unregistered users, regardless of the choice of the language. However, for registered users all worked fine.
  • Resetting of the password did not work.

Due to these circumstances, the registration was temporarily turned off. The administration has made a decision to delete all dead accounts that has not made any contributions and we start building community from scratch.

Admin (talkcontribs)

Hello dear WikiJournal visitors and users! I am glad to announce that technical problems were successfully resolved. Now registration at our website is available again. Please join our community and take participation in article building and communication with other users.

Basic topics to be discussed on organization of WikiJournal

Philip (talkcontribs)

Hello all, Feel free to post messages, ideas, comments, questions about this project.

Kind wishes, Philip

WikiJournal recent updates and news

Admin (talkcontribs)

We post recent news and updated here about WikiJournal. Feel free to comment

Philip (talkcontribs)
Philip (talkcontribs)

Help for the WikiJournal in Italian:

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Philip (talkcontribs)

Done! But I have made anti-bot questions in English for a while. If you provide some simple questions and its answers in Italian, it would be nice

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